• The Orchid Marketplace is Live!

    AboutOrchids Sep 15, 2021 | 01:23 am

    The American Orchid Society (AOS) has launched the Orchid Marketplace. This new service connects everyone with the world’s top vendors for orchids, supplies, books, greenhouses, and even jewelry. It’s all in one place, with direct links to vendor sites. AOS members save a minimum of 5% on all purchases, and may save more with added […]

  • True Blue Orchids

    AboutOrchids Sep 8, 2021 | 03:08 am

    Blue is a rare floral color, but the vast orchid family doesn’t disappoint, so it is possible to find true blue orchids. Some feature brilliant tones, while others have subtle hues. There are also imposters. Blue Moth Orchids in the supermarket are actually white blooms which are injected with dye. Many orchid varieties with “blue” […]

  • September Orchid Events

    AboutOrchids Sep 1, 2021 | 09:23 am

    Here are this month’s events with COVID19 precautions. It’s a good idea to double-check with the local orchid society before attending in case of last-minute cancellations. September 1 Santa Clara Valley Orchid Society Live, In-Person Auction, American Legion Hall, 1504 Minnesota Ave., San Jose, California September 4 – 5 Welsh Orchid Festival, Aberglasney Gardens, Llangathen, […]

  • Three New Orchid Species Discovered in Ecuador

    AboutOrchids Aug 29, 2021 | 03:40 am

    Many orchid species are scientifically discovered each year. For example, botanists have recently named three new Lepanthes from the Ecuadorean Andes, one of the richest orchid habitats on the planet. Lepanthes is a genus of pleurothallids with over 1000 species. They’re miniatures with tiny but colorful flowers. The plants have been named Lepanthes oro-lojaensis, Lepanthes […]

  • Summer in Our Garden

    AboutOrchids Aug 23, 2021 | 04:01 am

    Summers on the Northern California coast are typically cool and foggy, and this year has been no exception. That allows us to revel in cool-growing Cymbidium, Epidendrum, and Masdevallia orchids, as well as other plants like fuchsias, poppies, and nasturtiums. Their bright colors stand out against the green background, enticing bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and humans. […]

  • How Orchids Act as Climate Indicators

    AboutOrchids Aug 15, 2021 | 23:26 pm

    Ecologist Jis Sebastian explains how orchids are useful tools to study climate change. Sebastian works in India’s Western Ghat Mountains. Many orchids live as air plants, or epiphytes, growing on tree trunks and branches. They thrive in mature, healthy forests. In the tree canopy, climate variations affect them quickly. The presence, or absence, of orchids […]

  • A Lady Slipper Standing Tall

    AboutOrchids Aug 9, 2021 | 04:02 am

    Alien-looking Lady Slippers beg the question of how strange flowers from another planet might be. While this Paph comes from right here on Earth, it looks like something from a sci-fi movie. It’s an unidentified hybrid that I bought a few years ago in a grocery store. These photos show various angles of this wondrous […]

  • August Orchid Events

    AboutOrchids Aug 1, 2021 | 21:52 pm

    Even as more people are vaccinated, we are still in a pandemic. If an indoor event doesn’t mention basic health precautions, I’m not going to list it here. That means I’ve left shows off this month’s list, as I have in past months. When safety measures are publicized, people will feel safer, and will return […]

  • Good Practices and Bad Habits of Nature Photography

    AboutOrchids Jul 26, 2021 | 20:56 pm

    There have always been irresponsible or criminal people who destroy the nature that they claim to love. Social media seems to have worsened that trend. Some are so focused on getting a popular photo that they trample over rare plants. Others rip out surrounding greenery to take a clearer shot. I’ve watched in horror as […]

  • My Little Red Sarcochilus

    AboutOrchids Jul 21, 2021 | 03:16 am

    About five years ago, I bought this little Sarcochilus hybrid at an orchid show, and it’s been a reliable bloomer. It pumps out brilliant red flowers from a four inch (10 cm) pot for a month or two in late spring and early summer. They’re such a rich red that my cell phone camera can’t […]