• Orchids in the Park 2022

    AboutOrchids Aug 8, 2022 | 04:24 am

    Last weekend’s Orchids in the Park event in San Francisco featured plenty of great plants for sale. There was no show this year, but a few of the vendors put out displays, and the sales tables were their own visual feasts. The extensive variety on offer is evident in these photos. It was very crowded […]

  • August Orchid Events

    AboutOrchids Aug 2, 2022 | 04:20 am

    Australia has a busy schedule this month, but there are also events in the USA, UK, New Zealand, and Colombia. Please wear a mask to indoor events and get a COVID vaccine to protect yourself and others. August 5 – 6 International Phalaenopsis Alliance Symposium, Hilton Garden Inn, Apopka City Center, 580 E. Main St., […]

  • Meet the Sarcochilus Hybrids

    AboutOrchids Jul 29, 2022 | 03:59 am

    Would you like like to meet some charming, attractive Australians? Sarcochilus orchids are brilliant Aussie gems. They’ve been hybridized Down Under for a while, but until recently, there weren’t many hybrids available in the USA. Increasingly, I see more of them on sale and at orchid shows. This post includes 15 different varieties which were […]

  • Explore Tropical Orchids Online

    AboutOrchids Jul 23, 2022 | 04:28 am

    Species Orchidacearum is a free, online, serial publication, dedicated to tropical orchids. Peer-reviewed botanical works fill the five volumes already published, all highlighting Colombian orchids. Each volume details about a dozen species with scientific descriptions, photos, and maps. Check out the varieties covered so far. The goal of these publications is to promote universal access […]

  • The Search for One of Florida’s Most Rare, Endangered Orchids

    AboutOrchids Jul 16, 2022 | 04:22 am

    Florida’s native Cigar Orchids have been vanishing for decades. Habitat destruction and overcollection of wild plants have decimated their numbers and endangered them, even in Big Cypress National Preserve. Fortunately, scientists like conservation ecologist Hong Liu are working to save them. She’s trying to find Cigar Orchids, or Cyrtopodium punctatum, to figure out how to […]

  • Summer’s Off to a Colorful Start in Our Garden

    AboutOrchids Jul 9, 2022 | 04:48 am

    After a sunny spring, the summer fog has arrived, and it’s keeping our plants happy. Start the garden tour with the orchids in the first row of photos: a brilliant yellow and orange Prosthechea, a white and orange Coelogyne, and a hot pink Masdevallia. There’s one more orchid, the white blooms in the first photo […]

  • July Orchid Events

    AboutOrchids Jul 1, 2022 | 23:08 pm

    Australia and New Zealand have busy schedules this month, but there are events above the equator, too, including San Francisco’s Orchids in the Park, July 30-31. Stay safe with vaccinations and masks at indoor events. July 2 – 3 Victorian Country Orchid Clubs Challenge, Laidlaw Park, 78 Partick St., Stawell, Victoria, Australia July 2 – […]

  • The Pollinator’s Guide to Orchids

    AboutOrchids Jun 27, 2022 | 15:24 pm

    Did you know that birds can’t smell sweet scents, so orchids instead use bright reds, oranges, yellows, or purples to attract them? The brilliant minds of Smithsonian Gardens have made a great resource about orchid pollination. The charming webpage explains how birds, moths, butterflies, bees, wasps, and flies fertilize flowers. It also includes beautiful photos, […]

  • More Wonders of the San Francisco Botanical Garden

    AboutOrchids Jun 21, 2022 | 20:55 pm

    Celebrate today’s summer solstice with more photos from our recent visit to San Francisco Botanical Garden. I already blogged about three of the most amazing plants we saw, but of course, the rest of the gardens are stunning, too. There were California natives, like a gorgeous California Azalea, and giant Coast Redwood Trees. South African […]

  • Protect Ecuador’s Valley of Orchids

    AboutOrchids Jun 18, 2022 | 21:30 pm

    The Rainforest Trust and the Orchid Conservation Alliance (OCA) are working hard to save endangered orchids. Both groups are trying to raise emergency funds to purchase properties next to Ecuador’s Dracula Reserve. New mining activities are destroying nearby rainforests and threatening the entire area, which is a biodiversity hotspot. This Valley of Orchids is home […]