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Hybrid orchids are the result of an experienced grower controlling the breeding of two orchids that result in a hybrid orchid with traits from both parent orchids. These traits can include determining the overall size of the new orchid, appearance of the bloom, and growing conditions. Hybrid orchids are generally easier to care for. Hybrid orchids might also include more dramatic and longer lasting blooms.

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Clowesia Grace Dunn

Clowesia warczewitzii × Clowesia rosea

Clowesia Grace Dunn is a primary clowesia hybrid between warscewiczii and rosea, it is one of the most successful clowesia hybrid as it is extremely prolific, flowers are produced en mass and often covered the entire plant. Flowering during leafless seasons so it always make a spectacular display.

Similar to other catasetaines, Clowesia goes through dormancy in the winter and treatment is the same as other catasetinaes.



Clowesia Rebecca Northen

Clowesia Grace Dunn × Clowesia rosea


Clowesia Rebecca Northen W.W.G.Moir 1971 - registered (RHS)


Rebecca Northen (Grace Dunn x rosea) is a great parent, with its 'Lemon Pledge furniture polish' fragrance and many pink frilly-lipped flowers. This is a small-growing plant that reaches specimen size quickly and has been used in many successful hybrids. Grow in medium light, water as the potting mix approaches dryness during flowering and growth period. The leaves will completely fall off either before or during flowering. After leaf drop, keep the potting mix drier and water only if the pseudobulbs shrivel. No fertilizer is required during the dormant winter season.



Photo Left: Clowesia Rebecca Northen 'grapefruit pink'