Mormodes / Culture


General information on the growing of Mormodes can be found here.  Information specific to species and hybrid Momodes can be found following the appropriate links for a species or hybrid Mormodes.  Culture sheets are meant as a guide.  The ultimate source for the proper care of any orchid is frequent observation of the actual orchid and the correct interpretation of what it is telling you.

How to Grow Mormodes - The Fuqua Orchid Center


Leopard spots on the flowers

of Mormodes aromatica

Mormodes are a blast to grow. It's enormously gratifying to pour on the fertilizer in spring and watch them explode. I love their indescribable fragrances and wacky pollination. Mormodes are rarely popular with the set who covet hybrid Cattleya flowers, or among folks who call small-flowered orchids "botanicals." It's their loss.

Want to grow Mormodes? Here's the key: They have an annual growth cycle that is strongly seasonal.



Mormodes Culture Sheet - Oak Hill Gardens


Mormodes buccinator


Mormodes are an orchid genus that has a particular, distinctive shape. This orchid has a very strange lip shape that usually splits into three sections and then twists back around so that the plant's column rests on the lip.

It produces large, showy flowers, and it has thick pseudobulbs covered by thin leaves. The flowers are bisexual, and they contain both pollen and stigma on their columns. This orchid is native to Bolivia, Brazil, and Mexico.