Mormodes / Hybrids


Hybrid orchids are the result of an experienced grower controlling the breeding of two orchids that result in a hybrid orchid with traits from both parent orchids.  These traits can include determining the overall size of the new orchid, appearance of the bloom, and growing conditions.  Hybrid orchids are generally easier to care for.  Hybrid orchids might also include more dramatic and longer lasting blooms.

Friday, 10 April 2020 02:28

Mormodes Mimi

( Mormodes lawrenceana x Mormodes ignea )


Mormodes is a very interesting genus within Catasetinae.  They've gotten a reputation as hard to grow…and some are.  I have been growing them for years, and I now have selected the best growers and bloomers. Interestingly, hybrids between two species or “primary hybrids” like this one exhibit a phenomenon called ‘hybrid vigor,’ in which the offspring are more vigorous and easier to grow and flower compared to the parent species.  These will bloom with 2-4 inflorescences per bulb and fragrant, colorful flowers in orange-gold with darker burgundy spotting.  If you have good success growing Catasetums, these should do equally well. ( - Fred Clarke of Sunset alley Orchids )



Photo Left: Mormodes Mini


Mormodes Jumbo Bacia 'SVO' AM/AOS