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Phragmipedilum Fireworks

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(pearcei x Grande)

bright, indirect light for bloom-sized plants
do not allow medium to dry out between waterings
70% is optimum, air movement is a must
warm / moderate tolerant
blooms in fall


It is advised to use filtered or ‘reverse osmosis’ water to prevent brown tips from forming on the leaves. Bottled water or even water that is allowed to sit for a day before use can suffice. It has been discovered that water containing excess chlorine is especially bad for these sensitive plants.
Like Phalaenopsis, do not allow water to sit in the crown of the leaves overnight or on cloudy days.
Good air movement is very important.
More intense the light, with air movement, the more intense the bloom colors while cooler night temperatures will give better red color development in the flowers.
Patti T. earned 1st Place at the 2015 September meeting of the NVOS with her Phragmipedilum Fireworks (3N) (Grande 'Piping Rock' (4N) x pearcei 'Jenna').


The International Orchid Register

Phragmipedium Fireworks

Synonym Flag
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Synonym Genus Name
Synonym Epithet Name
Shizuko Kawatsura
Registrant Name
Originator Name
Date of registration
Seed parent
Phragmipedium pearcei
Pollen parent
Phragmipedium Grande

SOURCE: The International Orchid Register











Marlow Orchids

Fireworks (Grande 4N ‘Piping Rock’ HCC/AOS x pearcei ‘Jenna’)

Grande = (longifolium x humboltii). 

Phrag. humboltii is the new “correct” name for Phrag. popowii and Phrag. caudatum warscewizianum.  It produces long petaled flowers with a dark mahogany-brown pouch and petals.  Phrag. pearcei is a compact to miniature species with a green pouch and long green petals.  Plants will be compact 8” – 12” in leaf span.  Inflorescences will produce 3-5 flowers semi-sequentially with up to 2 flowers open at a time.  Individual flowers will be 2 ½” – 3” across with petals 4” – 8” long.  The dorsal sepal will be cream-green with darker green and brownish veins.  The petals will be cream-green with the apical 1/3 – ½ dark green or brown-mahogany.  The pouch will be dark mahogany-brown or dark olive-brown.   Due to the Phrag. pearcei influence plants will not tolerate a dry mix.  It also needs good air circulation around the roots.  This is accomplished by planting in a loose media and frequent watering.


Seattle Orchid

Phragmipedium Fireworks (Grande 4N x pearcei) like intermediate light, intermediate growing conditions, and wet growing conditions. It likes it's roots well watered, but well drained, and fresh water.
  • Light: Intermediate
  • Temperature: Intermediate
  • Watering: Wet, Not saturated






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