Oncidesa Gower Ramsey (Division Project)


I simply chose to do a "GrowBlog" on the Oncidesa Gower Ramsey because I have (had) a large specimen sized plant in my collection.  However, with very limited space in my grow area, I had to make a choice - trade or divide and use as a guide for others to follow.  Everything presented here can be applied to just about any Oncidium orchid, and generally to just about any orchid.  Simply put - learn from my triumphs and mistakes.


I acquired this particular specimen sized Oncidesa Gower Ramsey at an auction hosted by the Napa Valley Orchid Society in 2016.  A few months earlier this very same orchid won second place in a NVOS Show so it has a history of being a prolific and spectacular bloomer.  Back then it was busting out a typical 1-gallon pot.  It divided in two in early 2017 so that each half easily fit into a 1-gallon pot with growing room to spare.  I knew that one half would be further divided and the other half be left as it was, perhaps it bloom for me just as it had when recognized with a second place in ribbon judging.


The first attempt at dividing is further detailed below as "Group B".  The current division effort is "Group A".


A detailed presentation on the Oncidesa Gower Ramsey can be found here.  (patience please, Rome was not built in a day, so the link is a work in progress)


An explanation of what and why "GrowBlogs" are incredibly useful to the cultivation and the full potential of enjoying any orchid can be discovered here.  (patience please, Rome was not built in a day, so the link is a work in progress)


Start here,


Breaking Up, Is (Not) Hard to Do...


Ready, set, Go...   The orchid has been chosen, I have focussed my mind on the task at hand, now to start dividing.  Follow along as I rip an orchid apart - gently of course.


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Oncidesa Gower Ramsey (Group A)


This is my second and current attempt at dividing an Oncidesa. Lessons I learned the hard way from my first attempt will hopefully make this experience much more rewarding.


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Oncidesa Gower Ramsey (Group B)


This is my first attempt at dividing an Oncidesa.  I picked the smaller of 2 divisions and went to work.  This was perhaps in December of 2018 or very early in 2017, before I realized the value of orchids and "GrowBlogs".


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